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Jun, 2020

GCLL 2020 Season

Gastineau Channel Little League has canceled the 2020 season.  On May 26, the Board of Directors voted to not resume the season.  The decision followed a meeting that considered the pros and cons of a season under the cloud of COVID-19.  The decision was based on concerns about the harm caused by COVID-19, unknowns and uncertainties about the future, and the demands mitigation would place on GCLL board members and volunteers to safely provide a full, competitive season. However, GCLL recognizes the fun of playing softball and baseball, the growth that accompanies participation in youth sports, and the benefits of summer activities. In this spirit, GCLL will organize sandlot baseball (Minors, Majors and Juniors) and softball (Majors and Juniors) from mid-June through late-July.  Sandlot softball and baseball will feature free, adult-supervised, player-led informal games, adhering to state health mandates and following a CBJ-approved COVID mitigation plan.  More details will be released shortly, when the sandlot games are organized. 

We recognize the GCLL community may greet this decision with a mixture of support and disagreement. Indeed, we feel the same way. Still, we hope you understand and respect the Board’s decision.   

If you have already registered for GCLL and paid your fee, there are three cancellation options.  You may (1) request your registration fee to be returned, (2) have GCLL retain your registration fee to apply for the 2021 season, or (3) donate your full or partial registration fee.  GCLL incurred some expenses for the season, and so donations are appreciated.  If you choose to donate the fee, a receipt for tax purposes will be provided.  To make your request, please send an email to [email protected]  We ask for patience as we process all requests.  Our software is not designed for automatic refunds, and so the process for a refund is cumbersome.  We hope no request slips through the cracks, but if you do not receive a response within three weeks, please send a reminder. 

GCLL appreciates each person’s understanding and support, and is beginning to look towards the future.  In 2021 we may remain under the cloud of COVID-19.  If you would like to help in 2021 please let us know.  A normal season requires many volunteer hours, and a season under COVID-19 will require more than usual.  As we begin to look to the future GCLL welcomes offers to help.   

In the meantime, although we regret the loss of the season, we hope everybody finds ways to enjoy Juneau without a regular season from GCLL. 


Tom Karpstein, GCLL President

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