Bringing Little League Play to Juneau Youth


Although we are disappointed to not have a traditional little league season, we are pleased to offer a slightly different option that still gives kids the chance to play baseball/softball this summer. For the next month and a half, GCLL will host what Little League International calls Sandlot Baseball: a player-led, unstructured opportunity for local programs to provide a fun, relaxed, activity for baseball and softball players, where kids make the rules, make the lineups, and make the calls.

This is a free program and does not require being registered in GCLL. We will have to keep track of who participates and to get a standard release signed by a guardian but other than that we will be flexible. GCLL-approved adult volunteers on hand to supervise the games, umpire if the kids want, pitch if the kids want, count pitches if the kids pitch, and most importantly to make sure everyone stays safe. 

During these sandlot games, players and volunteers will be following this little league and City of Juneau approved COVID-19 mitigation plan that can be found below on this page.  

For more information about little league sandlot baseball/softball please go here:

Local Sponsors

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